K9 demonstration

ALECA K9 Demonstration

July 23, 2024


Tuesday, July 23  5:00PM
Free Admission

Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association returns to Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Valley for the Handler Survival Seminar on Tuesday July 23rd at 5pm. Witness an exhilarating event showcasing police officers and their four-legged partners displaying real tactics in real time. Listen to live action narrated public demonstrations of scenarios local law enforcement face on any given day.

The ALECA Handler Survival Seminar is fun for the whole family and gives the public an inside look into not only the rigorous training and high-stake risks both, the officers and the K9s go through, but also the lives and heartwarming relationships of K9s and police handlers.

Experience demos including:

  • Courageous handler protection 
  • Risky narcotic and explosive detection
  • Testing the skills and training of the K9 and their ability to locate explosive odor in diverse areas 
  • Rigorous apprehension
  • Riveting tactical obedience
  • Astounding agility 
  • and more!

The demonstrations are not only for training purposes, but also a captivating look into the danger and dramatics of what local heroes risk their lives for every day.  

ALECA trains for critical situations police K9s and handlers face on a day-to-day basis.  For example, police officers will train in how to keep their dog, the victim or the perpetrator in stable condition until medical help arrives or is issued.

Come watch and support the brave heroes, the human and the furry, who work hard to protect Arizona 365 days a year. This is an astounding showcase of the training and dedication that goes into these canines by the officers, and it makes for an exciting night of thrilling events! 

About Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association (ALECA). ALECA is the largest nonprofit public safety canine organization in the country. More than 95% of support to ALECA goes directly to their mission, led by public safety, and business professionals and a dedicated team of expert volunteers. The ALECA mission: Train, Educate, Equip and Support (TEES), provides critical guidance, state of the art knowledge, research, development and live action training drills to support K9 law enforcement teams and agencies throughout Arizona. Special thanks to Circle K for its stalwart support. ALECA operates also thanks to member dues, other sponsors and generous donations.